What Causes Red Veins on Eyelids? And How To Get Rid of Them

Red veins on eyelids are a common aesthetic problem that happens in both women and men with age.

We can’t prevent our skin from aging, But we can take measures towards a healthy lifestyle to help to reduce the risk of red veins on eyelids.

Controlling our blood pressure, eating a healthy diet, and engaging in regular exercise can help a lot.

If the concerned problems with eyelids veins increases, then it’s better to talk to some cosmetic surgeon or a dermatologist about further treatment options.

What Causes Red Veins on Eyelids

Though the blood vessels in the skin surrounding the eyelids appear bright red in young adults, they typically fade or even disappear over time.

However, in some cases, they can turn blue or purple and the tissue underneath can become shiny or rough.

This happens as the blood flowing in the veins may tend to flow backward instead of moving ahead and thus building up pressure on the walls of the veins.

The cause of red vein eyelids is unknown.

But it’s likely a combination of genetics and specific health conditions.

The underlying condition of these red veins is often known as blepharospasm.

This inflammation can also lead to eyelid drooping, an eye movement called dilation or swelling of the eyelids.

In some people, blepharospasm ( eye twitching ) is a sign of a more serious medical condition, such as infections in the eyes.


How can you get rid of them?

The natural production of collagen in the skin, a critical structural protein, typically decreases as you get older.

As a result, the skin loses its elasticity, wrinkles, and becomes thinner.

As skin’s composition also changes, the veins may become more visible due to the formation of dark, prominent bands on the upper eyelids.

In most cases, red vein formations on the eyelids are due to decreased blood supply to the skin.

In order to get rid of those red veins on eyelids, you need to consult a cosmetician and undergo a certain combination of procedures like

  1. Laser Ablation therapy: This procedure is used by dermatologists for treating soft areas of the face, including your eyelids.

If you are experiencing red veins on eyelids that have caused you to feel uncomfortable all the time then you should go for it, in order to make you look better.

The latest methods of laser treatments can easily eliminate those broken capillaries and veins and restore a more youthful, good-looking appearance, even after just only one treatment.

The treatment process is totally non-invasive and uses electrodes and laser energy to target the broken capillaries and veins beneath the surface of the skin.

It requires multiple sessions to be completed before getting any final results.

2. Sclerotherapy:  In this procedure, the use of injections are carried out to get rid of those unwanted veins.

This procedure is mostly used in the legs, But sometimes sclerotherapy may be used in other parts of the body.

Apart from these, there are various makeup options available to hide those veins on eyelids.

By using a few makeup essentials you can cover those red veins on eyelids with hardly any excessive effort at all.

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 Best ways to prevent Veiny eyelids

By Adopting certain lifestyle changes and precautions we can prevent easily prevent these veiny eyelids

  1. Excessive stress with hypertension: We need to check our blood pressure on time and should maintain a healthy diet chart with regular exercise to lower our blood pressure level.

A highly stressful life should be avoided.

2. Laugh more: Laughing itself is a healing process and hence, we should always laugh more in our day-to-day lifestyle.

It helps in the reduction of stress and keeps a check on our blood pressure level.

3. Reduce exposure to sunlight: We should avoid staying open in sunlight for a long time.

Whenever we go outside, we should always wear good sunglasses and a hat to keep the sunlight out of our eyes.

Try using a good sunscreen every day to help prevent any damage to the eyelids.

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(Q) The vein on my eyelid vibrates frequently can u please advise what is the reason and which doctor should I visit?

(A) The unusual vibration on eyelids is called An eyelid twitch, which is a repetitive and involuntary spasm of our eyelid muscles.

These kinds of vibrations can be seen on both upper and lower eyelids.

Eyelid twitching is generally unpredictable without any reason.

One may or may not experience this twitching for many weeks or even months.

These twitching can resolve on their own and may not require further treatment.

But if you are experiencing a twitch with a spasm that is strong enough to close both eyelids completely. Then it is commonly called blepharospasm.

If the condition worsens over time with repeated strong spasms then you should definitely consult an optometrist or an ophthalmologist immediately.

How to prevent the veins from coming back

  • If your problem area looks a bit like you were punched in the eye, the best thing you can do is to avoid doing any extra damage.
  • Lifting heavy boxes or hauling furniture might not cause extensive bruising, but you still have to be careful.
  • If you already suffer from a problem like a troublesome eyelid vein, make sure you visit a doctor regularly to monitor its condition and keep your veins in check.
  • Try to avoid unnecessary and excessive stress on your eyes
  • Your doctor or a cosmetic surgeon may recommend cosmetic treatments to treat your red veins.
  • Botox injections may be helpful for preventing red veins from coming back.

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Can stress cause red veins in the eyes?

The answer is yes, Stress can cause red eyes, but it usually does so in an indirect way.

In response to a stressor, our body generates adrenaline, which can increase tension and results in dry eyes. Red eyes can be caused by both anxiety and dryness of the eyes, as previously mentioned.

So,  If you’re anxious and it’s appearing in your eyes, stay hydrated and avoid drinking too much alcohol or caffeine, as all these substances might aggravate your symptoms further.

(Q) Why there are many red veins like nests in the eyes and which eye drop is usually used by doctors to cure it?

Bloodshot eyes or red veins like nests in eyes are just a common condition.

Although redness of the eyes usually goes away easily, although, when it shows some dangerous symptoms like acute eye pain, then you must consult an ophthalmologist at the earliest.

This can occur for a variety of factors.

It occurs mostly due to dilated and swollen blood vessels and can be a sign of a medical illness such as uveitis, Allergies, pink eye (called conjunctivitis), corneal ulcer, eye injury, and acute angle glaucoma in some circumstances, especially if other symptoms like Alcohol abuse and smoking are also present.

Red-eye or eyelids can be caused by a variety of factors.

Some of the situations are medical emergencies.

Others are concerning, but not life-threatening.

There are a lot of those that aren’t worth worrying about.

Redness of eyes is commonly overlooked in favor of pain in eyes or vision issues.

Doctors usually prescribe some eye drops containing :

Vasoconstrictors work by shrinking the blood vessels in the conjunctiva.

These eye drops are not popular among ophthalmologists, considering they fade off rapidly and require too much use if used for a long period.

This can result in “rebound redness of eyes,” in which blood vessels expand even more than they did before the drops were applied, creating the appearance of bloodshot eyes. 

Patients with some kind of heart condition and pregnant ladies should avoid vasoconstrictor eye drops.

Antihistamine eye drops are generally used by doctors to treat any eye allergy with redness and soreness caused by some immune response against a foreign particle.

These eye drops are very short-acting and hence they should be used at least four times a day.

Many times, Artificial tears could be recommended by the ophthalmologist.

These Topical eye drops mimic the body’s natural tears.

Artificial tears can be purchased without a prescription and used whenever needed.


Gone are the days when eyelids were naturally white.

Today, women are accustomed to having substantial color under their eyes.

The best way to deal with this is to accept that the way you are made is a part of your identity and to embrace that beauty comes in many different forms.

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